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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Over the years our customers have frequently contacted us with feedback showing their appreciation. Below you will find some of the many genuine reviews that OzPills has received over the years.

It’s not that I have a problem, I just like to ensure that I always perform well. With the help of these little pills I feel like I’m always a stud. And I can afford them whenever I want thanks to this website. Thanks guys!

Bruce P, Geelong

Thanks for your prompt service. I received my order within 10 days and the Cialis works great. I cannot tell the difference from the brand name product. I have had bad experiences with some overseas websites, so I’m glad to see we have a local company like yours. Cheers

Henry M, Perth

Thanks so much! I just got my ED meds recently from you guys. Absolutely fantastic. I'll certainly reorder. Brilliant stuff. You guys rock! Welcome back to woody.

Bill D, Melbourne

Hi guys, Received the package (combo trial pack). so far i have only tried one levitra. it worked wonders - unbelievable! Thankyou.

Mike L, Adelaide

Very good website. Excellent service, thanks guys!

Jack C, Byron Bay

Thank you for your rapid response. Ozpills is the most efficient and reliable online pharmacy available. Congratulations

Gordon A, Newcastle

Hi there, I saw those prices and just had to try them. I genuinely couldn't tell the difference between your Viagra and the ones I buy from the chemist.

Brian P, Tasmania

Brand pills are such a rip-off in this country, so when I saw your site I had to give it a go. The pills worked just as well as the regular ones and I'm saving heaps.

William D, Sydney

Ozpills, I wish I had found this site years ago! Now I can afford to take Viagra anytime without worrying about the cost. Thanks fellas.

Harry B, Gold Coast

I chose Ozpills because it's Australian - a no-brainer really! I was rapt when I discovered they work the same as the ones I've been buying only a lot cheaper! Cheers.

Martin S, Adelaide

Hi Team, It's cool that I don't have to see my doctor every time I want a prescription for Viagra. Your prices are good too! Thanks

Lance M, Brisbane

Finally cheap generic medications!! I'm sick of paying outrageous prices, so I tried your Cialis and they worked!! I'll be ordering them again.

Mario D, Sydney

Thank you for your prompt response and fantastic customer service as always.
Kind regards

Paul B, Adelaide

The pills arrived today. Great service. Thank you.

Andrew W, Alice Springs

Hi Ozpills

Received parcel today - neatly packed and very discreet. Thanks! 

Kevin V, Newcastle

Thanks brilliant service. Regards Craig

Craig A, Launceston

Received my items! Thank you once again!

Will check back in when I need some more

Kevin P, Brisbane

Hi Guys
I was very happy with the service and products last time and will def be
recommending Ozpills to my mates and friends. Thanks,

Warren S, Melbourne

Hi Team,

I received my order on Wednesday. Thanks for your prompt service, everything arrived as ordered.

Kind Regards

Garry W, Fremantle

Thanks very much you have excellent customer service.

Paul D, Sydney

Just to let you know I put a new order in today, and I would also like to thank you for the great service I receive.


Gary V, Darwin

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your superior customer service and responsiveness. As a customer I could not ask for better service. It is very rare these days.
Thank you very much for being so customer orientated.

Kind regards,

Ross G, Melbourne

Hi Ozpills Team, really easy order process, well done. You may use this as a testimonial if you wish.

David H, Sydney.

Dear/ Ozpills support customer service.

I am writing you firstly to thank you for your amazing customer service, fast delivery and quality products. I have been ordering from your company online for the past 2 years and I am very happy with my experience.

Thanks for your quality service.

Best Regards

Robert Gerges

I just wanted to say thank you. I will definitely deal with you again.

Shannon S, Sunshine Coast

Hi Ozpills Team.

Just wanted to say a massive "Thank you" for all your help. Received my order yesterday.
Will definitely be reordering with you.

Many Thanks,

Matt G, Cairns

Hi Team.
Delighted with the delivery service, many thanks.

Frank W, Geelong

Hello team.
Received parcel, 30 tablets as per order, thanks for everything. Be using them in August . Thanks to all,

Steven B, Brisbane

I like your customer support. No nonsense - good service.

Noel K, Wollongong

Hey Guys,

I work in a customer facing role and I know people are very quick to whinge but never really give you cudos when it's deserved.

You guys exceeded my expectations and supplied my sachets promptly. Superb effort and I will certainly be back, and so will my mates. I have also shared my good news on a forum with about 180,000 other users.


Robbie F, Sydney

Hi Team,

I believe in providing POSITIVE feedback in the most public way possible.
This is in fact the reason for writing this in the first instance.

Thank you for your excellent service.

Kindest Regards,

Peter K, Port Stephens

Thnx very much. And you know what
You guys are awesome and life saver.
I love you

Zeeshan K, Melbourne

Hi Team

Thank you for your prompt response. You will see that I replied to your previous email.
I look forward to receiving the shipment soon. Once again thank you for dealing with my inquiry so promptly. Your company is a pleasure to deal with.

Best regards

Kevin E, Port Pirie

Dear Ozpills. Thank you again for making me feel comfortable ordering my pills. Not being able to get an erection or keeping it up is a problem for guys my age. You made me feel very much at ease. I will be using your service again when I run out of stiffeners lol cheers.

Dave B, Gold Coast

You guys are frickin' awesome. Will be ordering from you again in the future.


Andy Z, Sydney

Thank you informing me about the double charging I would not have known until I checked my statement sometime later on. There has been issues over the last couple of days with the internet dropping out and being extra slow for some reason? 
Your informing me of the error beforehand gives me confidence dealing with a reputable company like yours; from now and into the future, thank you again.

Greg T, Ballarat

Thanks for your prompt attention to my order.
keep up the good work....all the best,

Ian P, Melbourne

Hi Ozpills Team

Thank you for your prompt reply & the replacement 40mg Cialis as ordered.

As usual, your quality of service is fantastic.


Sent from my iPhone 6

Chris M, Hobart

Thanks for ur prompt reply & really impressive customer service yes definitely I'll order these pills again thanks

Bruce K, Perth

Hi Team

Thank you for the amazing service!!

I will be telling all my friends how great you are.

Kind regards

Kym C, Caboolture

Thanks to all. I got them on Friday. All good .
cheers team

Tim F, Broome

Thank you Ozpills Team
Received in the mail today. Looking forward to dealing with you in the future
best Regards

Phil G, Sydney

Thank you very much, excellent customer service. Only trusted site I order from.

Roger P, Melbourne

Thank you for your reassurance & your reply. It has only been brought to my attention recently that the particular products I purchased can be used for a variety of conditions, rather the just the one I had always assumed they were used for. Which to be honest, suprised me. I have done research on this myself & have spoken to a general practice doctor so it does genuinely appear that they will be worth trying at least.

Thank you for your time all the best to you
Bye for now.

Mark V, Brisbane

Hi Team,
I was totally confused as to what happened so thankyou for your prompt attention to this matter. Always a pleasure dealing with such a professional company as yourselves.

Gavin P, Melbourne

Hi Customer Support,
Thank you very much for your prompt attention to billing mistake that occurred on my account, my wife and I are on a pension and could ill afford a 'double billing'
We may have made the mistake when ordering as we are not all that great on the computer!  However, it was corrected, and we are very appreciative.
May we take this opportunity to also thank you and the Oz Pills Team for your wonderful service, the previous order arrived promptly in the mail, and may I say we are thrilled with the medication!
With kind regards,

Liam S, Hunter Valley