LinenShed: Pure Linen

What Are the Main Benefits of Pure Linen Bedding Sets?

A comfortable night’s sleep is a top priority for most people, from those that have to get up for work early, all the way to those wanting to lay in on the weekend. As far as your comfort is concerned, there’s no more versatile material than linen bedding, but what exactly are the main benefits that make it such an appealing fabric for beds?


As mentioned above, comfort is key and it can spell the difference between a good night’s sleep, and one that leaves you feeling sluggish and lethargic throughout the day. Linen might resemble other well-known fabrics from a distance, but up close it’s often far more intrinsically woven and the finer the stitch – the softer it will feel on your skin.


Although the stitch consistency within linen will result in corresponding fibres that prioritise comfort; the light weight material is also very breathable and won’t result in sweating or absorption. No matter the temperature and regardless of the season – a good set of linen sheets will help to keep you cool or aid in keeping you warm during those colder evenings.


Linen is well recognised as a durable fabric that can stand the test of time – after all it’s one of the most traditional materials on the planet and has been used for hundreds of years for a variety of requirements. These days and as far as bedding is concerned, linen is ideal as not only will its fibres retain their structure and strength; they are also very resilient to fading and can hold their colour for years without any sign of fading.

The cost

Many people consider linen to be a luxury fabric and in reality they aren’t wrong; it’s soft, comfortable and far more functional than many other types. Fortunately, even the most stylish bed spreads don’t carry a luxury price tag and it’s entirely possible to purchase a full set at a similar cost to cotton and other everyday fabrics.

Easy care

In the unlikely event that linen does suffer with damage, or if it’s exposed to a particular food or chemical that might stain – it’s incredibly easy to care for. It can be washed at high temperatures and its unique stitching can be repaired with a needle and thread in next to no time. In most cases, dirt and liquids can be washed away effortlessly as the fibres won’t often absorb external colours, unless the liquids are for dyeing processes.